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ISAO Conference ^^

Hai guys. ^^

It’s good to be back in this blog after few days without update. ^^

I wanna share a bit experience i had in the ISAO conference. But before i explain it, we should know what is ISAO. ISAO (ICCRS Sub-commitee of Asia Oceania) is an organization under ICCRS (International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Service)  which organize a Catholic Charismatic Renewal within Asia and Oceania region. On those 4 days, i met many people from about 23 countries in the Asia and Oceania. It was great experience for me as a young one. Not many participants are youth. A bit difficult in communication, coz i’m not too good using english which being used there to communicate. Only english (and tongues ;p) used there to communicate with other countries.

Also, many new things that being taught there about CCR. Michelle Moran, as a president of ICCRS taught us lot of things about CCR itself and about charism. Cyril John, as a vice president of ICCRS and a president of ISAO talked about Church’s perspective views about CCR and mission which will be carried by ISAO. And many more. Also we had holy Eucharist every day. ^^

Many other things happened there and i’m quite honored to join this conference. Hope can attend this conference again 3 years later in Malaysia. ^^

Klo ada vocab ma grammar yg kacau harap maklum yach. Not too good using english. ^^’

~Jesus love u~


September 19, 2008 - Posted by | Sharing

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